EVP Team Takes On The Toughest Event On The Planet; Tough Mudder!
Jun 2011 09

Did you just run in a local 5k/10k for a good cause? Very Nice. You and your girls just put your hair in pigtails and run through a patch of mud?  So Cute.

However…Very Nice and So Cute just don’t cut it anymore…The best event, the most grueling test around, is a mud run and the only one that any person should be Peacocking about right now is the Tough Mudder. We’re talking 10+ miles and 20+ obstacles navigating through mud, snow, rock, and ice cold water while changing altitudes and no regard for weather conditions. Let’s face the facts people…any story about a mud race that includes “and then to finish I had to run through 30 yards of live electrical wires shooting 10,000 volts at my ass” is going to be the story everyone remembers.

EverythingPeacock.com recently sent a team of seven people to compete in a Tough Mudder at Bear Creek Mountain, PA and challenge all of you to get off your asses and show that you are up to the task as well. After all, it’s always Peacock to be in shape, and proceeds go to the Wounded Warriors Project.

Here is some helpful info and photos from our competitors:

Team Up – What makes this event great is the camaraderie. Get at least 4 people together, pick the best location, and sign up! Once you’re signed up there is no looking back and you will not want to let the others down.

Race Preparation – Don’t be fooled by the distance…your not running 10+ miles straight. A majority of our team would never run more than 3 miles unless they had a gun to their head. A few of our team member prepared by doing the increasingly popular P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout which based on the Tough Mudder site also seems to be a major trend of the other participants as well.

Race Gear – Just take a look at the photo of the shoe mountain after the race to know what will become of your sneakers. However being prepared with other race gear that doesn’t get destroyed can certainly give you an advantage. There was a lot of Under Armour skull caps, compression shorts, and long sleeve shirts in our crew and it definitely made a difference.

Race Photos – A great part about doing an event like this is having the photos to prove it afterward. The Tough Mudder allows spectators to roam all over the course and take photos of their participating crews. Now that you know what it takes, it’s time for YOU to sign up and be part of this years Tough Mudder and join the Everything Peacock Team!