9 Peacockin’ Shades To Glorify The Eye
Jun 2013 25

I absolutely love wearing sunglasses with any outfit, anytime of the year; they are not only for the beach anymore people! Tasteful designer eyewear should be a part of your outfit and likely the most stylish part of it, with sharp colors, chic lines, and unique geometry. They will not only help your eyes now, but also Peacock you into the future. 2 for 1= winning!

Peacocockin' in Dewey

Peacocockin’ in Dewey

I have about 6-7 pairs at the moment and try to have different styles and colors for different occasions and outfits (casual, dressy, beach, sport, etc). Some may not wear bright red ‘Ray Ban Wayfarer’s’ like Tony Assholeoff does when racing from his lifegaurd post, but they sure as hell would wear them to Jam Session at the Bottle and Cork in Dewey Beach. Standing out from the crowd is Peacocking. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Hmm, you get noticed and have a conversation with a potential hook up? Sign me up!

Do not wear too many other items in the same color and get “matchy-matchy” on us. Nothing looks worse than the guy with the white Carrera shades, the white belt, the white flops, and a white shirt…likely with his collar popped! Trying too hard will make the style on your eyes go bye-bye like Charlie Sheen’s train of thought. Sunglasses are the perfect accent to any outfit, so wear them freely like a Peacock wears its feathers!

Start Peacocking today with sunglasses priced from $100 to $725

Tony Assholeoff


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