Bogosse: Reinventing The Iconic Dress Shirt With Incomparable Style
Feb 2013 15

I have to be honest with you, rockin’ a Bogosse (bo-goss-e) dress shirt is not for everyone. Translated from French it means “handsome guy,” so you need to be on your game. The style is bold yet in some ways there’s a subtle sophistication that becomes more apparent upon closer inspection of the details. These shirts are the ultimate combination of handwoven Italian fabrics that feature strong collars, leather cuffs, bold prints completed with a slim European fit – no doubt these garments are Peacock.

Bogosse Aramis

Bogosse Aramis

You can’t just wear one to a casual party, a bar, a friends house for dinner, or anywhere near the beach-you will be significantly overdressed. Throwing on a Bogosse for the first time will make you feel as though you are part of an exclusive club. It’s recommended to wear a Bogosse in a chic lounge in a big city, so you’re not oddly overdressed. Even to some fine-dining or a cocktail party with a new fling (only if you feel she’s worthy of the Bogosse). I prefer not to wear them with a suit because the suit covers up too much of the unparalleled detail that comes with every shirt.

The Bogosse look is unmistakable, with clientele that includes Usher, Dwayne Wade, Wyclef Jean, and Shane Victorino (Yes, I am from Philadelphia!) it is obvious that their line is dapper beyond measure. Take that leap towards that next level of exclusivity and invest in a Bogosse.

Visit this site to get your Bogosse.

Bogosse founders Patrick & Fabrice Tardieu

The Bogosse ‘Lifestyle’

It’s A Bogosse Life: The Trailer from Bogosse on Vimeo.

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    Bogosse shirts wrinkle too much. Very expensive garment for that fabric quality. Cant complain about the design, they simple should switch to better fabric quality.