Destination Earth: The Peanut Butter Nomads Embark On Their Epic Journey Around The World
Jun 2011 14

As I sit here behind my desk typing away, I think about my world traveler friends (Erin & Jason) a.k.a. the PB Nomads and I can’t stop humming the Disney song you heard as a kid. They make the world seem smaller. I have traveled the U.S. for the past 15 years and I do think that my list of places I must see are dwindling.


PB Nomads Peacockin’ around the globe

So that takes us back to the PB Nomads. They are renowned world travelers and they got the bug at a young age. Jason studied abroad as a freshman at Penn State in the Netherlands. The itch began. Erin, code name Schneidds, who lived on a 6 acre farm in Ann Arbor (Ahh-mazing) went to boarding school and got a dose of international travel before she was 20. They were born with the travel bug, same as a disease, and they need a steady diet to survive. It is their medicine. I use marijuana, they travel planet earth. Similar in ways, I space out and think I am in the Serengeti and they actually are.

Anyway, the PB Nomads have just begun their honeymoon around the world immediately following their wedding. This is planned for 1 year, but could be longer. Thankfully for me, Erin and Jason were kind enough to share their stories, photos, anecdotes, and drop world knowledge on us so we can hopefully fill their shoes someday.

PB Nomads

PB Nomads Peacockin’ around the globe

That is the last time we write about them. They will take it from here. We couldn’t be more excited to see how this journeys pans out and learn as we go along together. I am thankful, we get to bring the EVP party along on this ride as well. Erin & Jason, best of luck, we love you, and will watch you as you fade off in to the sunset this fantastic voyage like Coolio! Visit this site to learn more about the PB Nomads.

Stay tuned, the first leg of the tour was their wedding in Mexico…¡arriba!