No More Speeding Tickets From Police Laser Guns
Dec 2013 18

As car enthusiasts we’re all guilty of driving above the speed limit on a frequent basis, at some point most of us have been pulled over by the police. It’s the worst feeling in the world to have Sheriff Buford T. Justice behind you. Speeding tickets are not Peacock; they’re not cheap or helpful when it comes to keeping your insurance rates down either. You have some choices; you can either pull over or try and outrun the po-po à la Smokey and the Bandit style, or get yourself a Blinder Laser Jammer.

These jammers actively block police laser, preventing the gun from displaying a speed. The demands on Laser Jammers are constantly evolving, new guns are being developed on a regular basis so Blinder continually focuses updating their products (via internet Blinder update page) to keep you one step ahead of ‘smokey.’

Blinder Laser Jammer

Blinder Laser Jammer

Installation is a snap, control module mounts under dash, dual sensors mount on both front and rear of car for total laser protection. Also comes with a park assist feature built in as well. Blinder products are proven to deliver excellent performance and superb durability.

It should also be noted that the Laser Jammer will NOT protect you against ‘radar’ guns. Even though laser guns are gaining more acceptance by law enforcement, roughly 80% of law enforcement departments still use radar guns – so a radar detector is still mandatory. Unfortunately, for the police radar guns aren’t nearly as efficient as laser guns in detecting your speed, they’re not very accurate in heavy traffic, have a limited range, and take much longer to acquire a target which why the change over is happening. For total protection combine your radar detector with the Blinder Laser Jammer.
Start Peacocking your Blinder Jammer today priced $600 to $900

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