Keep It Simple: How to Stay Lean For Life
Aug 2013 16

Summer is here, but how many people are truly happy with how they look in summer clothing or in a swim suit or board shorts on the beach? Most people have concern over body image. How did you feel when you got out of the shower this morning and were trying to find the perfect outfit to wear today? Did you feel that the clothes were too tight or the style doesn’t look right on you, etc..? How may people do you know including yourself that went on some kind of diet to get “bikini-ready” or “speedo ready” for summer?

Stay Lean Peacock Style

You will read in the trendiest magazines, newspapers, TV commercials, etc., about all of the latest trends in diet plans to lose weight quickly. Those trends change very often, and sometimes they are even polar opposite of what you were taught the prior season. That leaves you with so much confusion. It’s very often that the fad diets have you restrict so many calories that you end up putting your body into starvation mode, which means when you go back to eating to actual recommended daily calories your body will rapidly absorb those calories and you will gain so much weight, and possibly lower your metabolism for life. You can see examples of celebrities who do this yo-yo dieting. They look amazing one moment, then seem to blow up like a balloon over night. You’ve seen this with celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Kirstie Alley, Jessica Simpson, Mariah Carey, etc….

Count your calories

At the end of the day stating lean or losing weight comes down to “The Law of Thermodynamics”, which very simply states that you either utilize the calories consumed by physical activity or you end up storing the excess as FAT! Basically, it’s CALORIE IN versus CALORIE OUT! When it comes to weight loss it’s important to not get caught up in the trendiest diets that are here today and gone tomorrow. Just be aware of how many calories that you are consuming, and try to expend more than you take in! Some simple ways of using extra calories are taking the stairs instead of the elevator, switch your sodas and juices to water ideally or even diet soda.

What I’ve done is I’ve eliminated junk food from being available in the house. I have either a hard boiled egg as a snack, which is 70 calories and has 7 grams of protein or a pack of crackers. It’s best to keep low calorie healthy snacks around so that you don’t get tempted to binge on donuts, chips, ice cream, etc…. Another little tip I have is that when you’re craving ice cream, just have a glass of chocolate milk. It really is just as satisfying. The cup of chocolate milk is 150 calories versus 1000 calories from a pint of chocolate ice cream, after all who truly just has one scoop?

Food Calorie App

One pound of fat consists of 3500 calories. Knowing this means that you have to calculate 3500 calories times every 1 pound of fat that you wish to lose. An example would be to cut out 500 calories each day for 7 days and you will burn off 1 pound of fat in one week.

It really is that SIMPLE! So, in summary- keep moving, burn off those excess calories, and don’t obsess over trendy diets!

Make the LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS your Peacock Lifestyle!

When you make a little change, no matter how simple it is, little by little the changes add up and develop into habits. Those habits in time will turn into a lifestyle. Before you know it your good and healthy choices will be automatic and you’ll end up looking in the mirror feeling so proud of what you’ve evolved into— be proud of who you are! There is only one you, you are unique and can not be copied, so be TRUE to YOURSELF and OWN YOU!!!!

Sandi Yewdall is a Board Certified Emergency Nurse and Certified Personal Trainer with 15 years experience in both areas. She is also the inventor of the Neck Saver Ab Isolator, see more at