Big Event? Robert Graham Has You Covered
Mar 2013 29

When I think of putting together a classy Peacock ensemble to wear out to any NYC or LA event there are plenty of brands to choose from (Bogosse, English Laundry, G-Star, Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole and so on), but one of the stand out designer brands in my mind is Robert Graham. After a visit to their original flagship store in Venice, California (one of the chicest streets in America right now) I really fell for this brand.

Founded by Robert Stock & Graham Fowler in 2001 this brand has risen at a meteoric pace. Discreetly woven into every garment are the words “Knowledge Wisdom Truth.” To Stock “these words sum it all up,” “it’s the essence of what I am looking to communicate” Stock proudly says.

These garments are not cookie-cutter; they are unique, bold and fit the way quality clothing should. Also, not everyone else is going to be wearing what you buy, because they don’t overproduce and make thousands upon thousands of them. So you can Peacock with confidence that what you have is truly unique.

Believe me, I have a thin build and long arms, and it’s always a challenge for me to find a shirt that is form fitting and has long enough sleeves and can still look great. Time and time again Robert Graham fits my needs.

When you visit the store you see everything you need to put together a classy ensemble. Belts, hats, blazers, shirts, ties, and socks all easily identifiable for someone looking to stand out from the crowd in a classy way. If you’re not comfortable putting together your own combinations they have multiple ensembles (Shop the Look) in the store that simplify the process for even the most unfashionable person, so anyone can wind up with a great outfit.

To make things even easier the employees are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about the line. Pointed out to me by Store Manager Meghan Jubach, one of the more noteworthy items in the store (seen pictured below) is a chair that is entirely made of garments. This is just one of the wild creations coming from stylings of the Robert Graham brand. Peacocking has never been so easy.

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