Take Over The World And Look Good Doing It
Jan 2012 23

We all want success; some of us even want world domination. How will you reach this goal? Who knows? Plot to take over the world? Your guess is as good as mine. But while you are devising your get rich world domination scheme (we all have one…or ten), you can get your essential super villain billionaire wardrobe. Just like all James Bonds evil nemeses you’ll need a lair, exotic pet, shark tank, female bodyguard and last but not least a wardrobe from Billionaire Italian Couture.

Bond is always Peacock

Bond is always Peacock

While I was strolling down ‘Fashion Avenue in the world famous Dubai Mall (check out www.thedubaimall.com, it is truly amazing) in the United Arab Emirates, I discovered Billionaire Italian Couture. Their clothing line is truly unique, goes intentionally overboard and you’ll easily be remembered in Bond’s next installment.

Just check out the level of detail they put into their shirts – the cuff (see below) features a flap so you can always show off your shiny new “laser beam” watch. So if your aspirations are to become a billionaire super villain you’ll need a plot to do so, I can’t help you there. But I can make sure you’ll be dressed for it.

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Bond in Casino Royale

Bond in A View To A Kill