Don’t Fall Into Your Music Trap, Listen To Something New, Get Airbourne
Aug 2011 13

When contemplating the current music scene sometimes I fall into the same trap everyone else does; it was better when I was kid. Well maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it’s just all perspective or even a comfort zone that most people are afraid to leave behind. I’m here to say you can keep those ghosts of the past, enjoy them, relish them, but always keep an open mind. Surely there’s new music and musicians worth listening too? Of course there is, introducing: Airbourne and their new album No Guts. No Glory.

I grew up on Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Rush, Metallica, Hendrix, SRV – you name it I’ve heard it, mainstream or not. I’ve ventured into styles of music which would easily turn off most people that listen to the aforementioned bands (i.e. rap, techno, classical, jazz, etc.) I don’t care, because I refuse to paint myself into a corner like I did when I was younger, instead I prefer to keep pushing and listening for the next sound that will turn my ear on and say YES there is good new music.

One of the styles of music that I feel has lost its original form is classic blues based rock. It’s a sound that currently seems to have been over produced and then copied by every recording studio in the business. I fully understand that it’s a business and selling what works is the name of the game. But is it what’s best for music? We all know the answer.

With that said I believe that there’s hope, or at least a start. Airbourne is one of the best bands I’ve heard in a couple of years. They are a band from Australia and  play blues based rock just as good as the old guard. The album is aptly named No Guts. No Glory and its production is crisp and not overdone for the genre. The drums have kick, the guitars are rich, and the vocals are simply staggering. To me the band is a cross between AC/DC, Quiet Riot (Condition Critical was my first tape) and with a dash of Kix sprinkled in, all done with competence and swagger that is missing from the current rock scene.

The songs are so well written you can’t help but tap your foot to the beat and enjoy each anthem like you were a kid all over again. And really that’s what I want from music today, to enjoy it the same way I did back in the day. It doesn’t have to be exactly like it was, it just has to excite me and stir my spirit so I can annoy my neighbors all over again, and this album does it. Now I can paint myself into a corner again – for just a little while anyway.

Notable tracks: No Way But The Hard Way * Blonde, Bad And Beautiful * Get Busy Livin’

Visit this site to download Airbourne – No Guts. No Glory.

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