The Home Batting Cage
Dec 2010 15

Used by many overbearing, militant style little league coaches for training players (or soldiers), on their quest to the Little League World Series. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears – especially tears to get to the top, and this is the tool to do it – The Home Batting Cage. This is the nearly 300′ sq. batting cage that allows batters of any age to perfect their swing at their own pace, improving hand-eye coordination and sharpening reflexes.



A 1/4 horsepower heater pitching machine with a 12-ball auto feeder throws balls at speeds from 15 to 46 miles per hour every 12 seconds. The high-quality, impact resistant pitching machine is height-adjustable to grow with young batters. The foam-padded steel frame cage and nylon netting system is easily assembled, and spikes securely affix the cage and the net to the ground.

Look, odds are your little leaguer will never get close to playing pro ball, but you sure can have fun trying and knowing that you did everything you could to get him there. As a bonus, the cage can be easily disassembled in 30 minutes when yard space is needed for other activities, like a beer pong tourney.

Visit this site to get your own Home Batting Cage.

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