Carve The Pow In Style: EVP’s Winter Snowboard Jacket Collection
Jan 2014 07

You know the routine by now, you have to wear clothes (in most places) so wear clothes with flavor, especially snowboard jackets. I hope at this point you realize that Peacocking can happen anytime of day, anywhere in the world, and wherever you may roam. It’s not just when you go out on weekends, looking for a chick to call your own, and get nowhere because you are dressed like every other average chump. 

You want to look fresh whether you are shredding Copper Mountain, bar hopping in Breckenridge, or lounging in Vail for some Après Ski.

Shaun White Peacockin’ a Burton TWC

You never know who you’ll meet and you want the added confidence of knowing you look better than everyone else. It’s not just about being on your “A game” sometimes, it’s about staying there permanently. You wouldn’t be on this site if you didn’t care. However, if you didn’t care there are a million other sites that don’t care either. We are unique and so are you.

We couldn’t come up with one jacket that we liked the best, so we came up with our 3 favorites: Burton TWC Trench (Shaun White is rockin on the right), Spyder Leader, and the Burton Southsider. What do they spell? B.A.D.A.S.S. If you have it in you, rock the TWC Trench. Send us an email of you rocking it off a jump and we’ll post it on the site…send it to

Start Peacocking today with a fresh jacket priced from $150 to $500

Shaun White dominates ‘Slope Style’

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