Protect Your Head. Shred The Gnar In Style
Jan 2014 13

Not sold on wearing a snowboard helmet, yet? Read below, I guarantee you will be. You may be ‘old school’ and haven’t embraced evolution. I recently did and I’ll tell you 4 things that it did for me immediately.  First, it made me much warmer. Most helmets these days will have have nice warm padding to cover your ears…earmuffs! I was riding Whistler/Blackcomb last year on a snowy, way too fucking windy day, and my new Giro helmet (light as a feather BTW) kept my Dumbo ears warmer than a hot log.

Freeway Terrain Park = Peacock

Second – SAFETY. Maybe I should have put that first! It made me ride with less fear…especially in the park. If you are like me, you like to “roll up the windows” on huge kickers or rails when board sliding. I have a dent in my helmet from a Breckenridge terrain park. No, it wasn’t the Freeway Terrain Park…I have medium size balls out west.

Third, it added more comfort than ever before. Have you ever wiped out and lost your beanie and goggles at the same time? Yep, once…it was a long day in Squaw Valley after that. However, I have wiped 1oo times and don’t want to wear a wet or frozen beanie – straight sucks. Smith Helmets have integration to match the curvature of your goggles. They fit like a glove and thanks to air vents in most helmets your goggles will not fog up.

Fourth, it kicked up my slope-style several notches. Not only does it look slick, I have built in headphones for my iPod.  I can go full throttle, without ear buds flying out or air flowing in to absorb the sound. Pennywise Full Circle is crisp and clear like the air in Blue Sky Basin, Vail. It’s the little things in life that we take for granted, like walking, so put on a fucking helmet and stop trying to be a hero. I love Superman, but I don’t want my whip to be a chair. Here are the latest and greatest snowboard helmets on the market. Click below and BUY one today. I am not going to tell you again! Start Peacocking today with helmets priced from $50 to $250

Freeway Terrain Park Pennywise – You’ll Never Make It