The Best Gloves For The Ski Season. Period.
Jan 2014 24

I’ll tell you what, snowboard gloves may be the most important article of clothing when snowboarding or skiing. You get wet, you’re miserable. They don’t keep you warm, you’re miserable. They serve just a few simple purposes and wearing and having the right tool for the job is most important.

A few things to remember when buying gloves:

  1. Don’t get a cheap pair. If losing phalanges from frostbite is your thing, go for it. If not, don’t skimp.
  2. Gore-Tex. The Gore-Tex layered fabrics are synonymous with quality. Look for it when buying.
  3. Mittens Vs Gloves. On a mountain, you don’t need the dexterity that comes along with gloves. You need warmth. If you haven’t tried mittens, give them a go. You’ll never know they aren’t gloves, they will keep you warmer, and you have a liner on the inside that emulates a glove so you won’t feel claustrophobic…weirdo!
  4. Where will you be? Know the terrain- back-country you may want some extra padding as you smack trees. Know the weather as best you can, you may need a better glove for -10 degrees days. Pipe & Park all day? Get what fits your groove and we have a nice variety for you.
  5. Style. Gotta keep fresh no matter where you are, Peacock! The pipe gloves have a lot of flavor.

Start Peacocking today with gloves priced from $25 to $150

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