The Art Of Flight. Travis Rice Used One Word To Describe: “Epic”
Aug 2011 14

So you think you are a good rider? After watching this you will reevaluate that thought. I don’t know if any movie will be able to touch The Art Of Flight this season, but I know it won’t have a better cast.

You have huge veterans like Jeremy Jones, Nicolas Muller, and DCP. On top of those legends, you have Travis Rice, Pat Moore, John Jackson, Lando, Lago, Jake Blauvelt, and Eero Niemela. That is a crew of dudes that will go down in history as being one of the best to ever film a movie. This is not a Mack Dawg Production, this is Red Bull Media House. They are taking shit over with all that money from the drink that makes me shake for 2 days.

Check out the website for more info:

Now check out this clip…get excited. Snowboard season is coming!