Thailand: Beaches, Jungles, And Thai Cuisine Are Waiting For You In The “Land Of Smiles”
Aug 2011 15

Do you plan to “travel the world” someday? When is that someday? I’ll tell you – someday is NOW. Part of Peacocking is stepping outside of your comfort zone, and traveling to exotic places is no exception. Thailand may be a good place to start, especially if you’re the outdoor adventure type. It has all you need in one small country (63 million): jungle, mountains, clear water-white sand beaches, wildlife, rivers, and most importantly THAI FOOD! “Someday does not exist. I don’t know about you, but I would rather travel while I am young. Capre Diem!

Thailand Map

Thailand Map

Also, now is a great time to travel as prices are lower. Any business will want your money, even if it is a lot less than they normally accept. Get to steppin’ on this!

Our friends at Exotissimo Travel have been doing tours of Asia since 1993, and are the top company for their niche market and will help you get everything you need/want out of your travel endeavors. Their service is personalized and we like the fact that they focus on a specific area that they know better than anyone-so you will have piece of mind knowing that you will be safe. If you are a beach person, they will cater the trip to your needs. If you are a outdoor enthusiast like me, they’ve got you covered. Or, if you are a big fan of the city life, they have killer trips through Bangkok.

Also, our best friends the “Peanut Butter Nomads” are currently traveling through Thailand on their world tour. They have been learning the culture, indulging in the cuisine, relaxing on the beaches, and freshening up on their Nuad Bo-Rarn (2,500 yr old Thai massage that relaxes every muscle in the body with little effort). This will heal you after a day of getting your ass kicked by a Muy Thai Boxer. Nonetheless, I hear the massage is worth the beating.

Take a minute to review the packages that are offered by Exotissimo to see if anything piques your interest. You can peep them here You can read reviews and become a friend of the Exotissimo Facebook Page as well. They have some breathtaking images that make me want to book a flight now. Ok, I am booked.

Don’t take my word for it, check out this video:

  • RonSmith

    Thailand is amazing, been there twice.

  • Kelly

    Great writeup, this site is awesome! Thanks for doing this.