Enhance Your Mood With LED Lights
Feb 2014 27

Enhancing your home decor with interior lighting can have a drastic effect on the overall vibe of any interior or exterior space. New lighting systems are always being developed, so researching your options is crucial to having your space Peacock to its maximum potential. Enter LED Light Strips – the next generation of home illumination.

LED Light Kit @ The Peacock SkyBar

A great way to elevate your interior or exterior space without completely overhauling your décor is the LED Light Strip. This is one of the most simple yet effective upgrades we’ve made to our Peacock SkyBar, just in time for our next party. It’s a virtually effortless way to update or add warmth to your space without having to change your furniture or paint. To install it’s as simple as peel and stick, you apply the self adhering LED Light Strip (also available in waterproof form) underneath your existing furniture and voilà, you’ve got a Peacock’d pad.

You pick the vehicle (sofa, bed, artwork, sideboard, coffee table, soffit), depending on your mood use the remote control to choose from the 20 color options and 4 light show options, programmable keys, and watch how the simplest of things can have a huge impact. Also, like us you can order the optional audio controller which makes the lights react to the music – perfect for any party!

Additional info you should know:

  • These kits come in multiple length strips which can be trimmed to any custom length for that perfect fit.
  • LED Lights are completely safe and very efficient. They produce virtually no heat and can be placed almost anywhere.
  • They are very affordable when compared to xenon or incandescent style lighting.
  • Owning these lights will increase your DHV by a factor of 10, so get on it!

LED lights are the wave of the future and being able to incorporate them into your living space in a creative yet functional way is something you should consider for your next home project. We’ve done all the hard work by finding and field testing them, the rest is up to YOU.

Visit this site to get your LED Light Strip.

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Enhance YOUR Mood with LED Lights

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