California Dreamin’: Sounds of Summer from the Everything Peacock iPod
Aug 2011 10

Make plans to hit the beach with your crew and celebrate this summer in style. Besides all the drinking and partying you’ll be doing, music is a must have for any social setting, and the beach is no exception. We’ve created the Sounds of Summer Everything Peacock iPod Beach Playlist along with some guidelines for making your own playlist. So read on.

Peacockin’ to the Sounds Of Summer

When I’m chilling out at the beach with my crew, one of my basic necessities right after my sunscreen is my iPhone summer playlist. Granted, I have the obligatory beach towel, vodka mix, sunglasses, volleyball, surfboard, etc., but the right beach songs on my iPhone playlist can make or break it for everyone.

What is the perfect ‘beach’ playlist? That’s definitely open to interpretation, but there are some general guidelines you can follow to assist you. Firstly, incorporate the classic standby’s, but not too many, we’re shooting for some balance here. It’s good to choose a few current songs so as to reference the era, but do not feel obligated to choose all new or all classic songs. A mixed blend of both always works when done correctly. I’m also taking into consideration that girls and guys will be listening to it which means I have to cater to a wider demographic. Finally, I’m purposely leaving off Bob Marley for the simple fact; having one song of his in a playlist is an injustice, I prefer to listen to him in his entirety. Call me crazy, but that’s how I roll. More on beach mixes later.

Below, I will list some basic guidelines for you to create the perfect playlist for any venue.

Peaks and valleys

For one thing when creating a perfect playlist it should have multiple peaks and valleys. A playlist cannot have all heavy songs or vice versa, but it does need to develop gradual crescendos throughout and then ultimately a finale or coda – this is the formula for a successful playlist. The reason is, it keeps the listener interested because the vibe you’ve created is constantly changing and moving in a specific direction until it peaks and then ultimately ends.

To mark the bottom of a valley on my beach playlist I used the same artist to note this spot. It creates a familiar vibe that alerts the listener the following song will have slightly more energy and will be moving up towards the next peak. The listener may consciously or sub-consciously recognize this. Use this same method for the peaks if possible.

Another consideration for a ‘beach’ or summer playlist is the valleys between the highs and lows will not be as drastic as compared to a typical ‘party’ playlist. Keep in mind the beach is more often a laid back environment and I want to make sure the music appropriate for the venue, so it’ll be chill. Conversely the same goes for any raging party mix; it would still have its peaks and valleys, but you wouldn’t want it to be too laid back.

Portable beach speaker

Also, keep in mind who’s listening. I purposely left off songs with an obvious use of profanity; after all it’s the beach which is a pretty transient environment, so there’s a good chance families are nearby. The last thing you need is everyone around you pissed off because you decided to have a song with 20 F-bombs – so choose wisely. With that said, if I can sneak a great song in if it’s not so obvious there’s some profanity, I’ll do it.

Finally, don’t be afraid to throw in a song that no-one else may know – just make sure it’s congruent with the type of playlist you’re creating. Doing this creates a ‘wildcard’ effect that’ll lure the listener in to see what is next – if done correctly.

Remember you may want to invest in a portable speaker so you don’t have to drag around your circa 1980’s boom box to the beach. I’ve got one and it works great, in fact, while Peacocking on the beach multiple people have come and inquired about it. These speakers come in all different shapes and sizes, and if one’s not enough you can always add a second.

So you may be asking, what the hell is my playlist like? So without further ado, here is the 2013 EVP Beach Playlist – enjoy!

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