Bubble Panels
Nov 2013 21

If you’re looking for a way to elevate the atmosphere of any interior space, look no further than acquiring a Bubble Panel by BluWorld of Orlando, Florida. What’s a Bubble Panel you ask? I’ll tell you.

Smile Cafe

Bubble Wall at Smile Cafe

It’s two panels of glass or acrylic with enough space in between for water to be filled and bubbles to travel up, which create the stunning display of effervescent water bubbles that captivates any viewer when combined with custom LED lights. The featured lights are programmable LED lights which enhance the already brilliant effect. Panels are available in pre-fabricated, semi-custom, or total custom form.

Bubble Panels take interior décor to another level, which can be installed in walls, bars, and stairs to name a few. BluWorld has the track record to prove it, the company’s commercial client roster includes some of the most prominent luxury brands, from Trump Hotels & Casinos to Jaguar. The pictured Bubble Wall was built for the Dental Pride – Smile Café for an estimated cost of $18,000 to $30,000. If you’re looking for instant gratification, you can pick up a simple, pre-built version for as little as $200.

In addition to Bubble Panels Bluworld also features waterfalls, aqua soffits, rain curtains, and fountains to add that something special to your Peacock’d pad. Take your interior to the next level and visit this site to order your Bubble Panel.

Bubble Panel

Panoramic Bubble Wall at Siena Hotel, Hotel, Spa & Casino in Nevada