Snowboarders: The Splitboard Lives Up To The Hype.
Jan 2012 17

Jeremy Jones is an environmentalist, a big mountain thrasher, an entrepreneur, and a straight up cool mother fucker. What makes him even cooler is that he brings all of us back-country enthusiasts a snowboard that splits in 2, like skis, to allow us to trek up higher on a peak and explore fresh terrain, hence the name splitboard.

If you are like me, you were always a little jealous of skiers for being able to navigate easier as a 2 planker in the backcountry. Well, that excuse is gone so get your ass up that peak.

You no longer have to hike in your boots, sinking 3 feet with each step, as you can trek sideways like a skier. However, you still have the comfort of snowboard boots. You will have a new outlook on backcountry or those miserable flats that kill your buzz as you watch skiers cruise by you.

Jones was the creator of the Solution, or in the True Blood world, the maker. Many have followed and this transition is extremely beneficial to the snowboard world. Snowboards have come a long way since Jake Burton came out with the Snurfer, but i never thought they would make a board that splits in two and turns in to skis.

Start Peacocking your Splitboard priced from $500 to $1,200