Apple TV Review: It’s Kryptonite To The Cable Giants.
Sep 2011 09

If you work for Comcast, Cable-vision, Verizon, or any other major cable company that has Americans by their balls – you may not like this article. If you are into saving money, cool technology, and to controlling your TV through your iPhone – please read on.

Apple TV (2nd Generation)

If you are like me, you are always on the go and try your best to surf waves – not couches.  You travel for work, you play sports, you go out with friends (maybe too often) and work hard so you can unleash your inner Charlie Sheen on the weekends. We all have a lil’ “Tiger Blood” in us….no, that doesn’t make sense. Anyway, watching TV doesn’t fit in to your day until you’re laying in bed, maybe watch a movie, or you watch an episode of your  favorite TV series. If this is how you roll, you are the perfect fit for Apple TV.

Here is what you need to do; figure out what you can live without. You cannot get HBO, NFL, NHL, or MLS. Therefore, this gives you more reason to socialize and meet new people. The word socialize makes TV buffs cringe…get over it. Go to a friends house to watch True Blood, hit up your favorite sports pub like the Ainsworth in Chelsea, NYC, or catch a game with your old man. I was willing to cut a few things I like, but can live without, to save $800 per year. If you suck at math, $800= *200 beers  (*shots not included, but highly recommended).

New and Improved

My cable bill was $118 per month (no HBO, 1 DVR, 1 HD box, internet) and I am currently paying $46 for internet and basic cable. I bought the Apple TV for $99. Additionally, I purchased Netflix for $8 a month and for $99 for the season. Gotta watch the Phillies! After adding all of that together, I am paying $62 per month and there is no recurring fee from Apple. I am saving $56 per month! Also, when you call the cable company to cancel, they will likely give you a deal on basic cable for practically nothing. They will do anything to keep you from cancelling – like any company in this economy.

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Here is why I am silly for Apple TV:

  1. Airplay – I control my music (iTunes/Pandora) from my iPhone from any room in my house.
  2. Netflix – I get seasons of TV Shows (Always Sunny, Dexter, Mad Men, Weeds, etc) and Movies galore.
  3. MLB TV – I get every Phillies game and I get to listen to the home or away announcers
  4. iTunes – It pulls my iTunes library and plays music while scrolling a photo gallery on my plasma. Great for parties!
  5. Apple TV size – The box is about the size of 2 iPhone’s stacked on top of each other. Glad to get rid of my bulky cable boxes
  6. 2nd Generation – The first was good, Apple TV2 is better. More features, more reliable. Can’t wait for 3.
  7. Vimeo & Youtube – Have some friends over and watch 2 girls 1 cup together.
  8. Price – The original was $200. Again, this is ONLY $99!

Apple TV is not for everyone. But, options like this and Google TV (review coming soon) will force cable giants to lower their prices and keep enhancing features. The more competition the better for the user.

If you need more info, check out this boring Cnet review.

Own Apple TV2 today for under $100. Buy it here!