Go Back To The Future In Style: The Nike Mag Is Here 4 Years Early!
Sep 2011 12

Nike Mag’s from ‘Back To The Future,’ will be auctioned off on E-Bay until the 18th of September. They will manufacture 150 pairs per day until they reach 1,500. If you understand basic arithmetic, that is only a 10 day auction. I have been so overwhelmed with the hype of these shoes for months and would love to own a pair. 

However, they are quite expensive for a pair of kicks, over 3K per pair – expensive! If I can find a way to come up with 3k, I am all in. The very first pair made available were snapped up for a cool $37,500 by British hip-hop sensation Tinie Tempah at a live auction in Los Angeles last week.

There are a plethora of reason why I want these more than any other shoe on the planet and I cannot wait for the future to come again.

  1. Proceeds go to Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Help cure that horrible disease. Google will be matching up to 50 million for the benefit. I think they can afford to help…

    Michael J Fox with Nike Mag's

    Michael J Fox with Nike Mag’s

  2. Only 1,500 pairs total will be sold. You will be one very exclusive Peacock.
  3. Style – They are the most unique shoes ever made. With a pair of jeans, they would be so fly, like Marty Mac, with a great story behind them.
  4. Social – Every time you wear them, you will be a show stopper. It will up your game tenfold with all people. Did you ever want to feel famous? This is your chance…let’s just hope Biff doesn’t kick your ass and take them.

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