Vivid Racing, Elevate Your Rides Performance
Dec 2010 16

If you’re looking to Peacock the performance of your street ride there are tons of options out there when it comes to local generic auto part and on-line stores. Sure, your local Pep Boys is adequate for routine maintenance, but for true performance parts they’re limited. Instead you may want something more exotic, a specialty ‘tuner’ with experience offering field tested parts is the best way to maximize your performance. Enter Vivid Racing, this is not your local speed shop. This is a specialized automotive tuner that is recognized throughout the world.

Vivid Racng - Peacock Your Ride

Vivid Racng – Peacock Your Ride

Vivid Racing has built it’s reputation on developing cars to compete in multiple rally races (i.e. Gumball 3000, Bullrun, Targa Newfoundland, etc.), their growth is substantial as they continue to expand and push the limits of what a home grown business can do. Started in 2001 with a $500 investment and a $1,500 loan, founders Rob Rohn and Dan Mermelstein have a never ending drive to exceed the expectations of their customers. One look at one of their project cars and you’ll soon realize that they’ve taken tuning to another level.

Specializing in not only exotics like Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, AMG, and Noble, but also Nissan, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford and others. So if you’re looking for something that excels past your typical store bought part, take a look at Vivid Racing and Peacock your ride like you never thought possible. Featuring exhaust systems, turbo kits, aero kits, and suspension kits that you cannot buy just anywhere. The only limitation is your wallet and imagination.

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Who is Vivid Racing?

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