Winter Wardrobe Part 1: Cool Weather Short Coats
Dec 2013 17

It’s that time of year again… the sun sets an hour earlier, which means the night’s bitter chill bites you before you even step out of work! But thanks to the Indian summer most of us have been experiencing, it seems winter has come out of nowhere this year and now you are scrambling for all those warm clothes that were conveniently tucked away. Upon re-evaluation, you realize your winter wardrobe can use a little spicing up to go with this year’s fashions. Well, Ladies, hope these few articles help.

First to list: New Winter Coats. Coats? Yes, multiple. Don’t worry, you can find amazing coats without breaking into your Christmas Presents Account! Decide what kind of fashion coats you like most as I list a few for you.

Pea Coats

Pea Coats are always, always in style. For those of you who aren’t coat savvy, pea coats are coats of which the length ranges from below the waist line to mid thigh (anything longer would be a trench coat -of which we will get to later on.)

In my perspective, there are 2 different types of pea coats. The kind that keeps you warm, and the kind that makes you stand out – aka Peacocking!

The warm kind is typically made from polyester/wool/rayon/acrylic/synthetic materials. The best colors for these warm coats are white, plaid, or dark solids to go with the tones of winter. Warm Pea Coats wear nicely with a tucked-in scarf and matching gloves. You can find a great selection for under $65.

Also shop around at all your local department stores for more selection. Remember, these pea coats are bulkier, so don’t try to look like a football line-backer by wearing sweatshirts or hoodies underneath! Wear your warm pea coats for errands, hay rides, house get-togethers, etc. You don’t necessarily want to wear these out to the bars with you; they weigh more to hold, take up more space at the table/seat, and the type of material will gulp up the smell of whatever may be in the air, i.e. smoke.
Start Peacocking today with your Pea Coat priced from $60 to $1,500

Peacocking Pea Coats are lighter, brighter fashion outerwear. Yes, it is OK to wear bright colors in winter. Definitely look for green, blue, or red Peacocking Pea Coats, which go best with winter tones. Or be daring and wear orange or yellow, and do wear these colors with your utmost confidence! The best thing I love about these coats is that you can make them your fashion Statement, as well as add fashion accessories. My favorite: Look for Peacocking Pea Coats with large or colored buttons (see Right). Also, belted pea coats are fun too, but make sure it’s a thin belt.

You don’t want to make your statement more about the belt than the coat itself. I know it only gets colder as the winter moves forward, but please refrain from wearing bulky items underneath. Try wearing a thick turtle-neck or wool sweater instead. These lighter coats work well with fashion scarves and leather gloves, which accentuate the length of your wrist and hands. Wear Peacocking Pea Coats to work, Happy Hours, dinner dates, etc. – To look and feel Your Best.

Waist Coats (aka Club Coats)

The worst part about going out for a drink when it’s cold out: having to wear a coat to a bar and then trying to figure out what to do with it? I know some of you don’t even bother wearing a coat, but I fear for hypothermia’s sake and must stay warm at all times!

My solution to this issue: find yourself a standard waist coat. And by standard, I mean, solid color that matches everything – you take it off as soon as you walk in the doors, anyway.

Find a medium-thickness waist coat, so it’s warm enough (I know you’re wearing dresses or tank tops beneath), yet not too heavy/ bulky to hold or take up more space than needed. Avoid purchasing light colored or dry clean only coats, in case something spills on it at the bar/club. Try to refrain from hooded waist coats, as the hood is not quite fashionable, and it makes the coat bulkier as well. To also add less bulk, instead of a scarf, try to find a waist coat that has a high collar to keep your neck warm. Helpful hint: Much of your body heat is retained by keeping your neck warm! Try these standard waist coats for going out.
Start Peacocking today with your Waist Coat priced $30 to $415

Coats galore to choose from! Now that you have some know-how options, go have fun shopping for you new winter outerwear! Also, read on to Part 2 for Trench Coats and Leather Jackets.