Winter Wardrobe Part 3: Winter Accessories
Jan 2014 14

This past year, scarves and belts have taken over the fashion world… well, guess what? They are still in! I will share with you some tips on how to wear scarves and belts to spice up your winter wardrobe.

Some tips on scarves:

  • Knitted scarves are to be worn only with coats as outerwear. All other scarves (crocheted, cashmere, silk, etc.) can be worn as accessories to your daily outfit.
  • Circle scarves are popular right now. This is a scarf that is in shape of a circle, and can therefore only be a circle around your neck.
  • When dealing with silk or cashmere scarves, or scarves of other thin materials, you can wear them as hanging accessories. (Do not wrap around your neck.) This way, they add length to your body and outfit. Try wearing a sweater dress with a hanging scarf!
  • Do not wear necklaces with scarves. Necklaces take-away the focus from your scarf, and both accessories at the same time is just too much “stuff” around your neck. Also, try wearing thicker/broader earrings instead of wider ones. Again, you don’t want to seem like you are sporting “too much” around your neckline.

Have fun with scarves! Find bold patterns or multi-colored scarves to wear with any matching outfit.

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Some tips on belts:

  • Have a thick, warm sweater, but it comes off bulky or unflattering? Try a thick belt around your waist. It sends everyone’s eye focus to your thin waist, and makes your bust look a little larger.
  • Use a medium sized belt when wearing sweater dresses. Sweater dresses can weigh down and look very a-line. A medium belt with give you back some curves.
  • Thin belts look great with jeans and short shirts or crop jackets. You can get away with fun, bright colors or patterns with thin belts.

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Some tips on belts and scarves together:

One of my favorite styles this season is the scarf & belt look. You wear solid, thin skirt or dress, add a hanging scarf, then add a matching medium or thick belt around your waist (scarf under belt). This look is simple, and makes it easy to spice up any plain shirt or dress that you’ve worn several times already! I get compliments every time I create a “new outfit” by just mixing and matching different scarves and belts!

Scarves and belts range anywhere from $16-275, so stock up on different colors and styles to create a whole new look to your winter wardrobe this year! Also, stay tuned for Boots Galore…

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