Winter Wardrobe Part 4: Boots
Jan 2014 15

I said Boots, not Uggs, Ladies. By popular consensus, it is determined that most males hate Uggs on women. So, save those Uggs for girl dates, errands, and around the house, and let’s find you some new winter boots.

This is a pretty self-explanatory subject. What kind of boot you like is to hers their own, but there are 2 rules as reminders:

  1. Check the weather forecast. If it’s raining or snowing, don’t ruin your suede boots, nor get sick by getting your socks wet! Rain boots are now made to be fashionable and you can find them in various colors, patterns, and name brands. Leather or faux leather boots always work for these climates as well.
  2. Be aware of the tread – or lack thereof – on the bottom of your boots. Winters get slick and icy, even if you aren’t wearing heeled boots, make sure you have at least decent tread on the bottoms before you fall and bruise your body-bottom. If you have old boots that have worn tread, conveniently find sticky tread circles or strips in the shoe isle of any convenient store. Make sure you wash and the bottom of boots before applying the added tread, for longer, efficient use.

A fun tip: knee-high socks are fun to wear with any boot length. It’s cold, so let’s keep warm. Find socks that match your outfit (or not, to make it Peacock) and show ‘em off!
Start Peacocking your Boots today priced from $30 to $400

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