Winter Wardrobe Part 2: Cool Weather Classic Coats
Dec 2013 20

Moving along, we’re going to take a look at some heavier gear. Just because the weather drops, it doesn’t mean your fashion sense need to but a few suggestions to follow.

Trench Coats

For special occasions only. And by Special Occasions, I mean anything from a restaurant or house party, date night at a fine establishment, Christmas party, any formal gathering. Trench coats are both lovely and simple, and catch anyone’s eye. They draw length to your body and make you look like you are eloquently floating. Convinced? Well, just a few main points to touch on:

  • Be aware of the weight of your trench coat. Since they suit your whole body, they can be pretty heavy. When trying on a trench coat, do wear it for a few minutes and walk around to see if the weight burdens your shoulders.
  • Length is always important- it defines what statement you wish to send. Classy and sophisticated, or classic and fun? The longer, equals the more eloquent looking. If you buy one that is of awkward length (mid-length calf), then it may look more like a rain coat.
  • Fabric is what defines the trench coat. Thicker fabrics like wool, make this a lovely winter coat to wear over dresses and business-attire garments. Thinner materials are fine for jeans and wearing high boots (that don’t clash).
  • Keep it Simple. Trench coats are to be kept classy, therefore only add a tucked in scarf, if need be. And matching gloves (color and material) are fine for added warmth.

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Classic Leather Coat

There are merely three rules on wearing a leather coat. But, you must follow these rules to wear these coats fashionably.

  • Make sure the coat is form-fitting and flatters your body. Leather coats are supposed to be tight, yet comfortable. Do not buy one that looks loose or spacious.
  • Your shoes must match, or at least not clash. Best bet is to wear (faux) leather boots. Do not wear soft-looking material.
  • Shoes, unless it is suede.
  • Scarves only. A fine cashmere scarf adds a soothing touch to all your leather. If gloves are to be worn, they must match the scarf, or be of matching leather.

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Coats galore to choose from! Now that you have some know-how options, go have fun shopping for you new winter outerwear! Part 3 for winter accessories coming soon.

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