The iThermostat?
Dec 2013 13

What happens when you take a few of the most influential Apple engineers and lock them in your living room for a week?

The Nest.

The brainchild of Nest Labs and its founders Tony Fadell and Matt Rodgers – one of a few individuals most responsible for the iPod as we know it not named Steve Jobs – the Nest took what was heretofore a neglected, yet ubiquitous device crying out for innovation, and re-designed it from the ground up in a manner that smacks of Apple ingenuity.

Their first order of business was to replace the traditional, drab, one-trick-pony facade, with an full-color LCD that displays a rewarding collection of data against a backdrop that intuitively glows red when heating and blue while cooling.

Nest Labs Thermostat

They followed up the aesthetics with a healthy dose of artificial intelligence. In this era of “smart” devices we have come to expect more from our devices than the mere perfunctory task they’ve historically performed and the Nest is no exception – it programs itself.

Over time, you’ll find the initial manual adjustments you make on the Nest are no longer necessary as it will utilize behavioral algorithms to determine your patterns and preferences in order to dial in the optimal temperature even taking into consideration seasonal adjustments.

Near and far motion sensors, mobile adjustment through its mobile apps (iPhone, Android), and Wi-Fi integration, compliment the automatic programming to provide a level of thermal efficiency that – its inventors claim in 2 years – will offset the significant cash outlay required to rest a Nest in your home: $250.

Unfortunately for you and I, the Nest inherited one of Apple’s less-popular trademarks: limited supply due to excessive demand. Visit this site to get your Nest.

The problem now is that Honeywell – who has pretty much had the unimaginative thermostat market to themselves for the past few decades – isn’t taking too kindly someone spiking the proverbial punch bowl with some genuine innovation and have decided dust off the patent war chest in hopes of crushing the nascent Nest in court.  Nest Labs however, armed with Apple’s former chief counsel for patent affairs, has no intention of backing down but, to be safe, you might want to pick one up soon just in case.

Check out the video demo below.

Mount a Nest in your home for $250