Dog Tag Jewelry For Men And Women
Jul 2012 16

Keeping your jewelry collection up-to-date is always Peacock. There’s more to your jewelry collection than just rings, watches, and earrings…the perfect way to upgrade your style is with a contemporary styled Dog Tag.

Dog Tag Jewelry

Dog Tag Jewelry

These Dog Tags are not to be confused with low-quality costume jewelry, they are made from high-quality materials and feature a funky and fresh take on this old idea – they can best be described best as ‘retro-modern’ style.

The designers take inspiration from popular styles and jewelry trends, and in essence, re-engineer those styles to bring their customers pieces that are in vogue, but a cut above the rest in design detail, comfort of wear, durability and quality. Take a look at their silver pendants, silver crosses and silver bracelets too, which are heavy duty and chic!

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