Peacock Playbook For New Year’s Eve
Dec 2013 27

It’s the holiday season and time for everyone to enjoy friends, family, some time off, and a few parties as 2013 winds down. The last and most notorious party of the year is obviously New Year’s Eve. Even though I’ve always enjoyed New Year’s Day parties a little more that doesn’t mean I won’t be Peacocking like crazy come Dec 31st. Here are a few tips out of the Peacock Playbook for New Year’s Eve that will help your NYE be better than last year:

  1. Go VIP – If the party you’re attending has a VIP Option spend the extra money and upgrade. If you go general population your likely to be stuck with long drink lines, long coat check lines, long lines to the bath room, etc. Don’t spend half your NYE in a line when you could be spending it being catered to in style.
  2. Rock a Bertigo (or equal) – It’s been scientifically proven 8 out of 10 times that girls prefer to make out with guys in Bertigo shirts at midnight over any other shirt. If that’s something you’re interested in click here, if not just practice giving man hugs to your buddies and move on to Tip #3
  3. Pace Yourself – It’s New Year’s…this means you have to at least make it to midnight. There is plenty of time after the ball drops to do Jaegerbombs and any other myriad of shots and drinks that will erase the evening from your memory by the time you wake up. Avoid a hangover all together and enjoy the following days festivities Peacock style by clicking here.
  4. Get Home Fast – The parties over, you’ve got a girl (See Tip #2), and now it’s time to leave. Only one problem…everyone else is trying to do the exact same thing. Nothing is more Peacock than having transportation waiting as everyone else is panicking around you. Set it up before hand with a cab/town car/limo driver and make sure the amount you offer is big enough that they don’t leave you high and dry. Or just simply use your Uber App and be done with it.
  5. After Party Prep – If  you DHV’d hard enough who knows how many people may head back to your place for a Peacock After Party. Make sure you have the proper home bar setup, best playlist queued up throughout the house via Sonos, and most importantly a proper girl to guy ratio.

Happy New Year from the Everything Peacock Team, looking forward to seeing all of you in the ‘1-4!