Military Special Ops Technology Invades Your Ears
Jan 2012 16

For a lot of people the start of the New Year brought on some resolutions, and one of the most popular is a return to working out. Whether it be going to your local gym, running the streets, or working out at home P90X style you will see a lot more active people in January.

If your like me you can’t get through that workout without a little help from an IPod, a workout play list (heavy on the Rocky IV soundtrack of course), and headphones. In 2012 though I’ve decided I need to step up my game and eliminate the stupid ear buds that always seem to fall out and keep me oblivious to the outside world. After some extensive research I found the solution…AfterShokzSport Headphones. Launched to the public at the recent CES Show in Las Vegas, these headphones use military special ops bone conduction technology to send sound through the cheekbone to the inner ear. Their website says it best…

“AfterShokz offers models for sports, gaming and mobile phones that all deliver the safest, healthiest and coolest way of listening on the planet.”

Now that is Peacock!

Check them out now at and make sure to pick yourself up a pair before I see you get splattered all over the sidewalk by some lunatic driver.

Rocky IV Training Montage

Train like Rocky