2014 Winter Hat Collection: Stay Warm…Remain Cool
Jan 2014 21

It’s winter time in the city. It’s 12 degrees with howling wind. You’re walking to the office with a heavy coat and gloves on, but your bare dome is fighting the elements like Mike Tyson fights the English language. Why would you treat the most important part of human anatomy with no respect?

2 reasons: No.1. You don’t want to look like a tool. No.2. You don’t want to have hat hair. We have the answer to both of these questions; there are a plethora of ravishing hats to choose from…and don’t be a sissy. If you still put a couple handfuls of Dep Hair Gel in your hair, à la A.C Slater, you may want to think about joining us in the 21st century. It’s okay to look like you rolled out of bed these days and in many cases it’s more stylish.

We have done our homework. Here are some tasty hats that not only look sublime, but they will keep you warm and cool at the very same time (it’s science!).

Our pick of the litter is from our friends at ‘ililily’…consistently they nail flash & style with sophistication. Runner up: Paul Smith.

Start Peacocking your Winter Hat today priced $20 to $325