Sofa Style For Your Nightclub And More
Nov 2012 20

A modern sofa can be the ultimate in style, form and function. Sofas can be communal – a center piece that Peacocks your space with a style that is extreme as your own. You follow me – no? I’ll explain more…

Not only should your sofa be sleek and stylish, but it should also be one of a kind, after all, aren’t you? It should have features that YOU like and functionality that you can enjoy. A sofa should be versatile as well; it can be used in not only your home, but also your lounge, office, home bar, nightclub, or even your South Beach ocean front mansion.

So when the obligatory Victoria’s Secret fashion model comes over to visit you for movie night you’re sure to have a comfy DHV place to snuggle the night away. It should be so comfortable it can double as a bed – a big comfy expensive bed (more on that later). Just don’t forget to chill the wine and have your cordless wine opener handy.

So, if you are content with a bunch of dudes farting up your average hand-me-down sofa, maybe watching football on a Sunday afternoon with some wings and beers is fine. Just don’t waste your money on one of these. These are special and practically works of art and should be treated as such. EDRA sofas, starting at $17,000, proof that you get what you pay for.

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