Make Your A/V Components Go AWOL With The AWALL
Jan 2012 30

A little part of me feels like the flat-panel television was developed a decade or so early considering its requisite components – cable box, receiver, DVD player – are anything but.

We’re enamored with the sleek, space-saving design the flat-panel provides us however we’re still tethered by – and to – the fat form factor ancillary devices that inevitably spoil the aesthetic of our entertainment center.

We’re so seduced by the mere possibility of adorning our walls with a television that we disregard the incongrous appearance of a 3-inch deep panel sitting directly above a 30-inch stack of components. I cringe every time I see the “TV-stand-sans-TV” approach where the panel is pointlessly tacked to the wall directly above the stand with a ill-fitting family portait or house plant occupying the void.

But I digress…

A Brooklyn-based company named aWall eponymously released a solution to this conundrum that, while likely not accessible to most, exhibits some creativity to an exhibit that is sorely lacking in that department. Utilizing high-end components, they’ve developed an all-inclusive A/V experience that is self-contained within a block of finished wood only 6 inches deep.

Pricing is contingent upon the tech you’ll be stuffing inside and preferred case design but it’s likely one of those items where if cost is a concern, you probably can’t afford it.  Check out the aWall home page for additional details.