Tommy John Underwear: Style Comes From Within
Feb 2012 14

For years now I have been buying smaller shirts to wear underneath my Bogosse, Bertigo, Robert Graham and Ted Baker dress shirts. Eventually, those cheap undershirt cotton fabrics shrink and become fantastic rags. Traditional undershirts would UN-tuck and make me feel uncomfortable with a sloppy bulge in my gut… no, that is not normally there! On top of that, why are undershirts shaped like a square box? Are you shaped like a box?

The youth large shirts that I had to wear were simply holding me back like a straightjacket…office high-fives we’re at an all-time low because I didn’t want to rip my tiny lil’ tee. Why is an undershirt a complete annoyance?

Fellas, we finally have Under Armour for the business professional! They will help you mentally and physically.  You will feel much better underneath it all and will no longer have to be embarrassed by offering up your boys a low-five…get HIGH again!

If you are a high performance machine, and of course you are, you will want to stop by TJ has changed my life (sad, I know) and I have long since donated my boxers to the dumpster. I am working on a project to destroy all cotton products that are lucky or unlucky enough to conceal my privates parts. All of my BVD’s have been stretched out in the thighs and riding up to say HELLO to my lil’ friend.  It’s a pain in the ass & balls- let them go! I know… you’ve done just about everything in your BVD’s like Milton Berle.
Start Peacocking from the inside out today priced $25 to $40