5 Reasons To Get A Ring
Feb 2012 15

Rings have been an accessory for men since their first creation about 5,000 years ago. Men’s rings are a symbol of power, prestige, or achievement, and yes even fashion – in other words they are just as peacock as they were five millennia ago.

There’s even a belief in Greek culture that each one of the mounds on your hand (the pads on the palm where the finger joins the hand) is represented by a different god. Whichever finger you wear a ring on you praise that particular god, or pay homage to that particular god. See the list below and find which Greek god you peacock:

The thumb represents POSEIDON (Neptune) which as you will know is the god of the sea and he was very independent. He was the only god that didn’t live on mount Olympus, he did his own thing. And the thumb kind of sticks out, it kind of does its own thing. People that wear thumb rings are therefore very individual and independent and generally do their own thing. They don’t follow trends preferring instead to set their own.

The index finger is represented by ZEUS (Jupiter) Zeus was the king of all gods, and the God of Thunder and Lightning. That’s a very dominant finger, and having a ring there means you tend to be a more dominant person. This is why bossy or demanding people wave their index finger at people which gestures “no no no” or “don’t do that”. It represents power and immense energy.

Your middle finger is represented by DIONYSUS (Bacchus) which is the god of wine and partying and is a very irreverent god – So if you have a ring there you tend to do whatever you want and are less sensitive about what others think. It’s kinda like you’re giving the world the middle finger, as to say “fuck you to the world”.

Your ring finger is of course represented by APHRODITE (Venus). She is the goddess of love and that is why we wear our wedding rings on that finger.  This person is looking for romance and when they fall for someone they tend to fall completely for them”. Interestingly, it’s the only finger that has a vein that goes straight to your heart without branching off and so putting a ring on that finger is actually making a direct connection with your heart.

The pinky is represented by ARES (Mars) who is the God of war and that’s why you see mobsters wearing pinky rings; it’s a kinda like hidden violence. So if a person wears the ring on this finger its means they have some inner conflict, maybe an emotional conflict or something they are not comfortable with.

So there you have it, all these gods have their own personalities and they’re as different as each of the fingers on your hand. Now you can choose not only a ring based on a style that fits your personality, but also a finger that fits your personality too. Which one are you?

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