Unlimited Portable Hydro-Power & Bigfoot Approves!
Feb 2012 13

Say you and your crew are camping in the middle of the woods, all you packed is an acoustic guitar, beer, hot dogs, and a bottle of unpalatable whiskey. Then, out of nowhere comes a ‘Squatch’ (BFRO)!

He just wants to party and is really a great dude, smells like his own dick, but to commemorate you reach for your camera. Well, dude, your camera called it quits and you have no electricity in the middle of Jellystone!

There you have it, another Bigfoot sighting that will all be written off as a cross-eyed, moonshine drunken, hillbilly buffoonery. But wait! There’s more…

You have been religiously reading Everything Peacock to find the best stuff and just so happens you purchased yourself a PowerTrekk Charger. Soooo, you can chug a beer, pee in the powercell (yes it prefers water, but urine will work and there is water in beer), plug in your camera and voilà! Final steps: you take the picture, you have a new pet Bigfoot, you’re rich, you’re famous and all because of the PowerTrekk charger.

You may be thinking that scenario is a bunch of nonsense, that it’s make believe, that there is no such thing as a green power source or even Bigfoot for that matter (“and you are now dumber for having read it” to take a page from the movie Billy Madison), but really this is a environmentally thoughtful power source for use anywhere and anytime.  As for Bigfoot we’ll leave that open for debate.

For an in depth explanation, check out this Forbes article from December 2011.

From the PowerTrekk website:

PowerTrekk uses eco-friendly fuel cell technology which cleanly and efficiently converts hydrogen into electricity. The ability to simply insert a PowerPukk fuel pack and add water provides users instant and limitless power on the go.

Unlike solar chargers, fuel cell power is generated quickly (no waiting for sun harvesting) and reliably (speed of charging not impacted by weather, solar position etc. and no power degradation like batteries).”

Start Peacocking your PowerTrekk today priced at $230

Bigfoot Footage