Peacock Playbook For Valentine’s Day
Feb 2014 13

So you’re that dude. The dude that waited less than a week before Valentine’s Day to actually realize that you have to plan something for your lady. Lucky you – you have me!

Here is your quickie Peacock Playbook for Valentine’s Day to help your plan. And by quickie, I don’t mean sexual… well, unless you follow these ideas, then maybe you’ll get lucky on the 14th!

Polling a few of my girlfriends about what they expect from men on Valentines Day, I have found that a single idea kept creeping up. The all encompassing concept:

“Women like to be Acknowledged.” Period. Show them you took time to think about them. Show them you Care. Also, this is the romantic holiday, so for crying out loud: BE ROMANTIC. You have 364 other days to slack off. Remember this well for the next occasion, because right now you’ve lost the time to plan; instead, here is a Peacock Playbook for Valentine’s Day for you. If you can’t plan ahead, at least these quick tips will make your lady believe you did!

  • Tip #1: It’s not too late for roses. All flowers shops fight for your Valentine’s orders, so many offer up to 20% off a dozen, or free delivery.
  • Tip #2: Girls love and will always love flowers and jewelry. When in doubt: flowers and jewelry.
  • Tip #3: I’m not the “card type” of gal, but I know most of the ladies out there like cards, or at least expect cards on holidays. So, don’t forget to pick up one.

Now that you have the tips down factor yourself into one of these categories and get to work.

  • Category One: You just started dating. (1-2 months) (see more below)
  • Category Two: Low Budget. (see more below)
  • Category Three: You got the dough, but you‘re a lover to procrastination. (see more below)

Category One: You just started dating. (1-2 months)

So your relationship is brand spanking new, and you don’t want to go all out for your first official holiday, but you know you have to do something.

Step 1: Either go standard and order her some roses (half dozen will do) or be sneaky and cute by asking her best friend what her favorite kind of flowers are. Going out of your way to find out her favorite flowers not only shows you care, but her girlfriends will love you more, too. And we all know girls talk, so get them on your side! Also, once you know her favorite flower, you are set for this relationship, dude. Any occasion (especially the surprise ones) can be glorified with a bouquet mixture with her favorite flowers in it.

Step 2: Pick a card. If there’s any holiday when you’re allowed to be corny, this is the time to do it. “Be Mine” and “Be My Valentine” cards are perfect for you newbies. It’s cute, but doesn’t have a poem screaming how much you’re in love. We all know you don’t want to give your girl the wrong impression; take it slow.

Category Two: Low Budget.

So you’ve been pretty happy with your lady for quite some time, but the money tree in the backyard just isn’t blooming. No problemo buddy, the economy hurt us all. But, that in no way means you can get out of being romantic.

Step 1: Make a romantic dinner at home. Kick your roommates outta the house, set the table, and light some candles. What’s her favorite food? Or what’s something you’re pretty good at making? Whatever is it, just make sure she likes it! If in doubt, Google it! The internet has a katrillion easy, yet yummy, recipes. You can make a delicious home cooked meal for about $40 (don’t get cheap box-ready!). Remember to pick up some brownies and ice cream for a delicious, sensual dessert.

Step 2: If you already know her favorite flower, stop by the florist and pick up 1-3 flowers (or roses) and a tall, thin vase if you don’t have one. 1-3 flowers won’t be expensive, but it will show her you care. Set the flowers in the middle of your candle-lit dinner or have them resting on her plate when she walks in, then serve her food for her.

She knows you’re tight on the green, but dinner and a flower speaks loudly that you tried you’re best to make her happy!

Category Three: You got the dough, but you‘re a lover to procrastination.

Step 1: Refer to Tip #2 –flowers and jewelry, flowers and jewelry. Yes, flowers and jewelry. Get her that bouquet for crying out loud! And pick up something sparkly from her favorite jewelry store. This will keep her temporarily “distracted” from realizing you aren’t taking her to a nice dinner… which leads us to Step 2.

Step 2: Yes, it’s much too late to get a Valentine’s Day dinner reservation anywhere, but I got a slick trick for you! Find tickets to a show she will love. Yes, a Broadway show or Cirque du Soleil. Suck it up, dude; it’s all in the name of love! But if your gal is not the sophisticated show type, more of a relaxed type, get tickets to her favorite band or sports team. But don’t just get sports tickets because YOU like it, do something she will love.

Key Scenario: It’s 7pm on the 14th and she loves the flowers and tries on the jewelry. Before she can ask what’s for dinner, say casually, “You know babe, I didn’t make big plans for tonight, because I wanted the “26th” to be extra special… (What do you mean? She asks.)” Hand her your card with the tickets inside and she will be impressed!

Then, order in and make sweet love to a movie all night long… hopefully 😉