Men’s Belts: Not Just For Whipping Kids Anymore
Feb 2013 21

Accenting a dull outfit with a dashing belt is Peacocking….and Peacocking is wearing a dashing belt…you understand? I get disinterested if I have too much grey or black on, but those are the colors, or lack thereof, that are part of my getup. That’s all good, just make sure you have a belt that shouts louder than a def guy looking for his hearing aid. Something that makes an outfit when you can’t find one. Something that helps your body that’s clad with boredom.  A belt is that something.

A black, brown, and colorful belt should be apart of every man’s wardrobe. Essentially, you have to dress for the occasion and the belt is all part of the ensemble. You need at least 4-5 belts as you dress for a casual day bar hopping in West Village, a dinner at Pastis in the Meatpacking District, or a late night out at SL, you need to have the belt to match the threads…like the carpet matches the drapes.

Start Peacocking your midsection today priced from $30 to $400