Prominent Peacock Profile Of The Month: Joe Namath
Feb 2012 16

We do all we can at EverythingPeacock to point our loyal flock in the right direction when it comes to developing your own personal brand, standing out, and owning your moments in time. This doesn’t always mean showing you the latest fashion trend, life changing gadget, or vacation hot spot. A great way to embrace your inner Peacock is to take a look at past and present Peacocks that have already blazed the trail for you.

  • Who are these Peacocks?
  • What makes them stand out from all the rest?
  • When did it all begin for them?
  • Where did they come from and more importantly end up?
  • Why will we end up always remembering them?

Each month we’ll provide answers to these questions in our Prominent Peacock Profile…

Prominent Peacock Profile: Joe Namath

Super Bowl XLVI is in the books and the Eli Manning led New York Giants walked away with yet another title. Eli Manning is a great NFL quarterback, and may eventually end up in the Hall of Fame. Yet something was very clear as I watched his dopey face accept the trophy and listened to endless amounts of bland cookie cutter interviews over the course of the week. Eli Manning is NOT a Peacock. In fact he may be the furthest thing possible from being a Peacock, which of course led me to remember one of the greatest NFL QB Peacocks of all time: Broadway Joe Namath.

It all started for Joe Namath in Beaver Falls, PA where he was a three sport athlete (Football, Basketball, Baseball) doing things others couldn’t even fathom. He was dunking basketballs in a time where dunks were almost unheard of, and was actually considered a baseball star more than football. The true Peacock in him first began from his team sport photos as he always sported some shades while his other teammates blended into obscurity. This got him his first of many nicknames-Cool Joe

Namath had plenty of offers to cash in and sign on for Professional Baseball, but instead he took his football talents to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to play for the Crimson Tide. Why give up guaranteed money to go to college? Confidence…Namath knew whatever he decided to do he was going to be successful, so when his Mom said go to college that’s exactly what he did. He showed up to Alabama with his same Peacock demeanor wearing fedora hats, suits, and shades. He kept the spotlight on himself the entire time at Alabama as he was suspended from the team at the end of one year, and won a National Championship the next. These Peacock moments paled in comparison though to his unwavering stance in the heated Civil Rights Movement that was taking place all around him. As others continued to draw a line between white and black, Namath erased that line and embraced all of his teammates and fans equally, and if that led to a fight, so be it.

Cool Joe soon became Broadway Joe when he signed the largest Pro Football contract ever with the New York Jet’s. In typical Peacock fashion he didn’t just have the Jet’s give him money, he made them buy his Mom a house and provide him with his very first ride-a Lincoln Continental. The star of Namath would shine like no other from this point on.

He single-handedly changed Pro Football from a game for men, watched by men, and turned it into a game watched by all. He began Peacocking with his legendary white shoes, found himself a NYC bachelor pad (mirrored ceilings, llama skin rugs, and circular bed) that was so outrageous it made his mother blush and if that wasn’t enough he even opened up his own bar with his friends (what group of guys doesn’t talk about doing this?). The highlight of it all which skyrocketed his fame was when he found himself appearing in commercials and movies with some of Hollywood’s finest looking ladies.

From winning the Rookie of the Year to being the first ever 4,000 yard passer, Namath showed why he (not Brett Favre) was the original gunslinger. It all culminated in his finest Peacock moment of all time, when under a huge amount of scrutiny from the media he GUARANTEED that his team would win Super Bowl III against the heavily favored Colts. Not only did he back up that claim but he won the MVP in the process. The world was his from that point on and Namath took the ball and ran with it becoming one the biggest cultural icons there ever was…he got there with a style and charisma that was all his own. Now that’s Peacocking!

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