Born To Be Wild? One Thing You Need
May 2012 17

If you’re thinking of joining an outlaw biker gang (who hasn’t) finding the ultimate chopper is a must-have besides having a body riddled with tattoos, an anti-hygiene policy, no issue with routinely “breaking the law,” and becoming a one percenter.  Will you be accepted into the gang? I have no idea. I can tell you what chopper you need to get, the rest is up to you.

Money Shot Chopper with Hubless Wheel

Choppers Inc. makes rolling art. These are highly engineered, beautifully crafted, functional motorcycles. The man behind the company is Billy Lane. He’s not your average rebel bike builder. Born and raised in Miami, custom-bike builder Billy Lane holds an Associate of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Florida State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Florida International University. His designs are so revolutionary he holds seven patents and counting.

One of his trademarks is the Hubless Wheel which looks as though there’s nothing holding the wheel onto the chopper. This design is so unique others have tried to copy it with no success, because of this you’re guaranteed to have a truly unique ride. This is so Peacock it will surely increase your DHV by 2 points alone.

Don’t look back at your old life, you’ve quit your job, bought a bad-ass chopper, and joined the obligatory biker gang. Now its time for the YOU to hit the open road and show you were “born to be wild.”

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