Fashion Goes Mobile
Feb 2012 22

You’ve got the iPhone and thinking of protecting it with anything more than a big, dumb rubber protective case is about as far as you went. Well, I’m here to tell you there’s another way. The key is customization and separating yourself from the crowd – this is Peacocking.

When you’re out your phone is with you 100% of the time, so might as well make it fit your personality. The best way to do this is have an iPhone Case that shows YOUR original style. In a world full of ordinary iPhone’s, the last great frontier in fashion and functionality is right in the palm of your hand – literally.

Custom Peacock Case vs. Dumb Rubber Case

You don’t have to have an Everything Peacock logo like mine, but here’s a couple features you can have:

  • Protection: Like any well built case, it protects my phone entirely.
  • Card Case: It has a built in card holder: Carries two cards (license, credit card and spare room for a few bills) or 5 business cards.
  • Modern Design: It’s sleek looking and not bulky, this way you can wear those trendy jeans without having a big, dumb wallet crammed into your pocket à la George Costanza. It replaced my wallet, I will never again bring my wallet when I go out on the town.
  • Customization: It’s different so it’s a great conversation piece. Most people have not yet seen one which makes for a seamless transition to other topics. This alone will increase your DHV by a factor of 1.5

Finally, the more expensive ‘name brand’ cases (i.e. Case Mate) offer original designers to assist you in developing your inner peacock. Spend the extra cash as the low budget cases tend to have a cheap finish that rubs off in a short amount of time. Basically, you get what you pay for.

So there you have it, either you can get an iPhone case that looks like an infants rubber toy, or get one that’s as fashionable as it is functional. Peacocking has never been so easy.

Start Peacocking your iPhone ID Case today priced from $0.66 to $35