Peacock At YOUR Grammy Event
Feb 2012 24

The Grammy Awards took place early last week and Everything Peacock tuned in as usual to see which stars were Peacocking and who just faded away into the red carpet. Here is a quick little recap so you can keep in mind some Peacock concepts the next time your “Grammy Night” (big wedding, corporate dinner, stylish charity function) comes around. Plus, why spend hours at a mall or sifting through the internet newest fashion when you know Everything Peacock has already done the work for you.

Bon Iver vs. Foster the People

Put Some Effort In

Look we’re all for having your own style but at least recognize that you’ve been invited to attend a special event. I don’t expect Bon Iver to show up in a tuxedo, but that also doesn’t mean he has to look like he bought his clothes from the Salvation Army a decade ago. Take note of the guys from Foster The People, as they hold on to that “indie band” style with a side of “we showered” within the last 48 hours.

Ryan Seacrest vs. Bruno Mars

Take A Great Style And Add Your Flair To It

Black suit/tux and skinny tie is still very much IN right now, as is the three-piece suit. It’s hard to say Ryan Seacrest looks bad, but I can tell you that he blended in with about 1,000 other dudes at the event. Meanwhile, Bruno Mars took his three-piece suit look and Peacock’d it out with the pockets square, short legged pants, no socks, and, of course,…shades.

John Legend vs. Adam Levine

If You Have A +1

If you’re heading to an event with your +1 then you need to make sure you hold up your end of the bargain. Again, John Legend doesn’t look bad, but he doesn’t hold up very well when pictured with his fine ass +1 Chrissy Teigen. Adam Levine on the other hand made sure his outfit popped with nice color coordination from his shirt, to the tie, to the pocket square. His date, Anne V., was practically naked on the red carpet but the attention was not all on her as Levine is obviously well versed in Peacocking.