The Five Best Entertainment Venues In The Balearic Islands
Feb 2012 29

Many people may not know of the Balearic Islands, but everybody has heard of Ibiza, the gem city of the islands. Tourists from all over the world flock to these islands to party and enjoy the social life that comes with the mild Mediterranean climate and friendly atmosphere.  Those who are planning a trip to these raucous islands should have no worries about finding a fun, lively venue in which to enjoy good food, good music and a vibrant nightlife.  Here are our suggestions as to what we consider to be the top five entertainment and party venues in the Balearic Islands.


Self-described as the world’s largest nightclub, Privilege is located in the heart of Ibiza and includes twenty bars, a pool on the inside and can hold up to 20,000 party-goers simultaneously.  This megaplex has several chambers and the main dome-shaped chamber plays host to the DJ, whose booth is suspended above the main pool.  This is one of the few nightclubs in which there is a chance to lose oneself but you are never far away from a dance floor or a bar.  Privilege is one of the best places to socialize and meet countless new faces.

Garito Club

Photo courtesy of Robert Castano

Much like Privilege in the fact that it is a conglomerate of dance floors, bars and buildings, the Garito Club can be found in Palma de Mallorca and features all that is mentioned plus breakaway taverns and restaurants within the complex.  In this club, you will be treated to a variety of music ranging from jazz to R&B to rock.  The party typically begins around 10:00 PM and goes into the wee hours of the morning.

El Divino

Yet another of Ibiza’s megaplex clubs, El Divino houses up to 3,000 party-goers at once and is massive in its size.  This is one of the only clubs in Ibiza that is open year-round and is situated across the water from Ibiza City.  Between October and April, the club functions on the weekends and May through September, the club is open every night.  Boat rides are organized to ferry individuals to and from the club and individuals in groups of three or more get to ride for free.


Similar in size and capacity to El Divino, Pacha is a thriving nightclub situated on the outskirts of Ibiza.  This is one of the oldest continuously-operating nightclubs in the area (opened in 1973) and the complex in total has fifteen separate bars and a number of dance floors that hold 3,000-4,000 people.  There are colored dance floors, disco balls and veils draped from the ceiling to give it that classic retro look.  You can also step out onto one of the terraces to escape the music and noise when it gets to be too much.

Fonda Pepe

A far smaller venue when compared to giants such as Privilege, Pacha and El Divino, Fonda Pepe is a bar and nightclub that specializes in serving a variety of drinks such as pomadas (gin and lemon) and has been around since the 1950s.  This smaller club attracts many tourists and locals who are currently in Palma de Mallor and is open year-round.

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