Everything Is A Remix At SoundCloud
Feb 2012 29

Are you still listening to old-fashioned FM radio? How many times are you going to play Rick James – ‘Give It To Me baby’ before everyone leaves your party again? Well it’s time for you to tune into something different.

SoundCloud For The Win (SoundCloud)

There’s a mountain of streaming music out there and your options are seemingly endless (Spotify, Panadora, iTunes, etc.) to get your hits. These options truly are great resources to have, but if you’re looking to Peacock your party mix one step further elevate into the SoundCloud. You’ll find some tasty undiscovered mashups in this online heaven for remix junkies.

As we all know to properly DHV your party you’ll need plenty of liquor, beer/ice, equal ratio of girls/guys, some indirect LED lighting, and funky furniture. Now add a Soundcloud playlist filled with mashed up mixes that kill and BOOM! You’ve changed your playlist and party from ‘pretender’ to Peacock.

Here are some key points of SoundCloud:

  • Ability to download music for free and keep the mixes and mashups by DJ’s from around the world.
  • Create downloadable ‘sets’ (playlists)
  • Upload files into Spotify or iTunes, create playlists and take them anywhere with you.
  • Use your iPhone or iPad with the Soundcloud App.
  • Dashboard interface is similar to Facebook in that it has a newsfeed which is constantly updated with “hot” songs or songs from the artists you’re “following.”
  • If you’re an artist, SoundCloud lets you upload your music with a distinctive URL. This contrasts with MySpace which hosts music only on the MySpace site. By allowing sound files to be embedded anywhere, SoundCloud can be combined with Twitter and Facebook to let members reach your audience better.
  • Users that follow you can comment on any portion of the waveform and/or, share to social media.
  • Reoccurring groups which feature select DJ’s named “Mixes and Mashups.”
  • Over 10 million users strong and growing.

Get Started (SoundCloud)

So you’ve got the DJ equipment but you’re still DJ’ing for Mom n’ Dad on the weekends in the family basement right next to the washer/dryer, now is the time for you to step up and upload your music to SoundCloud. Yes, whether you’re an established DJ or a newbie it’s good to get followers and feedback. Before you know it you’ll be spinning at your local ‘obligatory’ nightclub, and more importantly up and out of their basement.

As stated you can download most files to have as your own for free on SoundCloud. The only problem I came across is that the amount of downloads are sometimes limited, but that’s really no problem. As you may of guessed any track you’ve identified is usually just a Google search away from being downloaded elsewhere, usually by the DJ’s own site.

SoundCloud is another online resource that is helping put the final nail in an antiquated old-fashioned FM radio system that is stuck in the past. No longer do we have to listen to the same 20 songs forced onto us by terrible, out-of-touch radio programming. Thanks to streaming music our options are unlimited, but your time is not. So choose wisely and go with a resource that helps DHV your Peacock Playlist in a way you couldn’t imagine: SoundCloud.
Start Peacocking your SoundCloud mashup today for FREE.