Top 10 Saint Paddy’s Beer Cocktails Fer Ya!
Mar 2014 15

Why drink Guinness like everyone else to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day? Peacock your stout by making it into a mixed drink or a ‘beertail’.

You will love these Guinness based beertails while out at the bars this year, below are my top ten for St. Paddy’s Day…

  1. Black Velvet – An equal mix of Guinness and champagne. I suggest you get sparkler with this cocktail because this is the best way to peacock a pint of stout.
  2. Broadway Joe – Apparently this foamy drink is all the rage in Japan, whatever that means. It’s one part Coca Cola and one part Guinness. You may want to add a shot of Captain Morgan to this one to step it up a notch.
  3. Black Fog – A pint of Guinness topped with a shot Chambord raspberry liqueur. The ladies will love this one.
  4. Guinness and Black – Guinness with a splash of mi wadi (black currant or a black currant liqueur). Similar to the Black Fog.
  5. Wasp Sting – Guinness and OJ, goes great with your bowl of beerial ya drunk.
  6. Black & Tan – Guinness and Bass Ale, or really Harp, Magic Hat, Smithwicks, or Blue Moon – or just combine them all. These are pretty standard, but always good.
  7. Black Death – Guinness and Magners Irish Cider (or Woodchuck/Strongbow), this is one of my favorites but don’t have too many of them. Due to the high sugar content in the Magners, you will be left with a killer Irish hangover (they can only be cured by drinking more Guinness).
  8. Midnight – Guinness and port, never had it but sounds classy and I like that.
  9. Shandy – Guinness and Sprite (or lemonade), use this as a last resort cocktail. Its pretty tasty but remember there is no alcohol in Sprite and it is full of sugar (sugar = hangover).
  10. Irish Peacock – Guinness, Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka, use a lit Roman Candle as a stirrer.

In conclusion, you don’t want to end up like Darby O’Gill hanging out with a lil’ leprechaun this St. Paddy’s, do you?  Believe it or not, when I was in Dublin last October, Darby O’Gill and the Little People was on TV – you’d think it would be banned!  Peacock your stout and you will find the ultimate pot of gold!

  • Brian Ginty

    Hey Tim, just so you know, they give Guinness and Black to pregnant women in Ireland and Shandy to children.  Not to reinforce stereotypes of the Irish and their drinking, but bring some REAL drinks to the table, will ya?