Go Bold Or Go Home
May 2013 15

Spring is on its here, and what better way to celebrate than by offering a look at the impending fashion trends? If you’re expecting muted Easter egg pastels from past seasons, yep you’ll see those too but on average this season promises to be a good bit livelier. Spring 2013’s motto could easily be, “Go bold or go home.”


In both patterns and color palettes you can expect to see boldness in everything from futuristic cyber swirls to large blocks of contrasting color. Granted, some of the cosmically patterned shiny spandex leggings may be difficult for non-Supermodels to pull off but it can at least give you some ideas for incorporating such pieces into your everyday or clubwear. Want to try the leggings without losing the 15 extra pounds? Consider pairing with a solid tuxedo jacket that covers all necessary problem areas. Add strappy high heeled sandals, add a little “beach” to your hair and then hit the town.

The color orange and variations thereof are also making a solid contribution to the runways. Love the color but don’t think it works with your skin tone? First, look for the many varieties of shades available to see if the pale tangerine works or the burnt orange suits you better. You can also try relegating that bold orange color to a skirt or shoes and then keep the rest of your ensemble low-key.
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Heavy Metal

Apparently metallics aren’t just for the holidays anymore because they are showing up in all manner of ways, from crinkly mylar-looking peplum skirts to liquid green trousers. As with most fashion trends be careful that you don’t get too much of a good thing as you don’t want to look like you’re from Mars. But do feel brave enough to add a little peacock to your Spring wardrobe and get ready for the compliments.

But how’s it all being worn? Well this season’s going from the tried-and-true flirty sleeveless dresses to suits that trade trousers in for shorts and on to muted camouflage designs on lightweight trench coat dresses and the like. Some items, like the spandex leggings will require caution when pairing with other items, and don’t forget to balance the bold with more subtle companion pieces. As with any season, it may take some ingenuity to make it work with your existing wardrobe and body type but the season promises that fun and audaciousness are the name of the game.
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Written by Emily Rankin. Accessorizing with that sweet new convertible? Get insured. www.carinsurance.org.uk