A Few Minutes Of Planning For A Lifetime Of Peacocking
Mar 2014 01

Let’s face it most of us live very busy lives and struggle to fit everything into our 24/7 allotted timeframe. The more we can streamline life’s boring and mundane tasks, the more time we have for the new and fresh adventures that peak our interests. Everything Peacock wants our “flock” out living-the-life, not wasting it.

Shopping for cereal, laundry detergent, hand soap, and trash bags…can it get any more boring and mundane than that? The problem is, you need all this stuff or you’ll be an awful smelling, germ spreading slob, suffering from malnutrition. Luckily, Amazon Subscription Services has come to our rescue.

On average, a person can spend up to an hour a week shopping for necessities. Ugh! That’s 50+ hours of wasted time exploring endless aisles of items, weaving in and out of old ladies, and creepy guys looking for supermarket love.

Peacockin’ on the beach vs. Shopping for TP – Which one are YOU?

Instead you take 15-20 minutes on Amazon determining exactly what items you utilize on a daily basis around the home – in your diet plan, on your body, etc. Once the items are selected, a timeframe is then set for when that item should be replenished. On top of all the time savings you are also saving money as a majority of the products are cheaper with subscription. This isn’t Costo or Sam’s Club either as you don’t need to buy a membership, not everything is bulk, and you are less likely to impulse buy a 10-gallon barrel of bubble gum while waiting to check out.

All the “self-help” books tell us that just ONE hour of planning can save you up to TEN hours of execution. Yet somehow most of us continue to screw this concept up and run around like chickens with our heads cut off. Well it ends right NOW! Those extra hours need to be spent Peacocking with style, at cool events, in exotic locales. So sign up to Amazon Subscription Services before its too late!

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