Time To Live The Tailored Life
Dec 2013 05

Greed is good.” Gordon Gekko once said this. So you’ve got big aspirations yourself, maybe to become a high-rolling, greedy corporate raider too? In order to do this you’ll have to align with some pretty seedy characters and engage into some shady business deals along the way. Yes there will be fast cars and fast women, but you’ll also need to dress the part. So how will you do this is the question? Don’t think for a second you’ll even get your foot in Gordon’s front door with an ill-fitting suit.

Custom Tailoring

Just because you’ve bought the Porsche Carrera, rented a NYC high-rise apartment, got the trophy girlfriend, and bought the latest Jared Lang dress shirt to go with your True Religion Jeans, your job is not done. One of the biggest fashion failures is NOT getting your clothes custom tailored. Time and time again I see ill-fitting clothing on people simply because they are totally unaware that a few adjustments will make a massive difference.

Let’s face it, clothing manufactures can only make so many sizes to choose from and the chances of you finding a perfectly fitted shirt/jeans in actuality is remote. The importance of finding a good tailor is crucial to having your clothing fit correctly. Gordon would approve.

People’s bodies are different, and I’m no exception. I said this before in my Robert Graham post; being tall with long arms is always a hassle when buying clothes. It’s especially annoying when I try a shirt on that I like only to put it back on the rack because my arms are 3 inches too long. A tailor can adjust your shirt size, and give it just the shape you want, whether slim or full.

This is where I love my tailor not only because they excel at customizing my clothing, but also because they’re great at communicating exactly what I need. For the ultimate in Peacock personalization – a monogram on your shirt cuff/pocket, inside your perfectly tailored blazer, jeans, or on your casual golf shirts. Are you pickin’ up what I’m laying down? I’ll tell you more.

Here are some requirements when choosing a tailor.

  • Knowledge: Extensive knowledge of fabrics, fits, past and current styles. Having an extensive Rolodex of information in their head is vital to helping you.
  • Honesty: A tailor that not only understands what type of fit and style YOU look best in, but also honest enough to make suggestions. You’re looking for a balance, where the guidance and expertise being offered are tempered by a willingness to consider your requests.
  • Professionalism: When you walk in you should feel welcome, you shouldn’t feel rushed or out of place (unlike a typical trip to a dry cleaner). A good shop will always make you feel at home. The people that work there will always go the extra mile to make sure you walk away happy and looking good.
  • Experience: How long have they been around and who are their clients. Look for pictures on the walls which show the finished product. These are testimonials to the shops craftsmanship and loyalty. Usually they will show off their best work.
  • Style: Determine if the shop fits you. Find out if they have a traditionalist or contemporary style and what age range as well, whichever you’re targeting for yourself. Some shops offer a variety of different styles, just be sure to explore and ask questions to become more informed. Also, bring a picture from a magazine or model wearing a shirt or suit style to show specific aspects that YOU like.
  • Personality: Make sure your personality meshes well with your tailors. When details need to be worked out it’s always better to interact with someone you genuinely get along with.
  • Guarantee: Make sure they have a policy that you are always going to walk away happy. If there’s a problem are they going to do something about it? Spending several hundred to thousands of dollars on a suit that doesn’t fit correctly is not Peacock.
  • Language: Both of you should speak and understand each other clearly. It’s not uncommon for shops to have a different native language which can lead to communication issues.
  • Price: You may pay a little more, but you never remember the price when the shirt is a perfect fit. Next time you’re out look around at all the bad fitting clothes and realize for the price of a few drinks you can have a shirt that fits the way the designer intended. Don’t let a couple dollars get in the way of you Peacocking right into your next insider deal on Wall Street.
  • Your knowledge: It’s good to be prepared, so do your homework on what to look for when buying custom clothing. A little knowledge will help guide you and enable you to ask intelligent questions.

Fitted vs. Sloppy. How do YOU Peacock?

So take note when your clothes are fitted, one thing you’ll immediately recognize is the difference between just having a shirt off the rack and having the shirt fit right – this is Peacocking. In turn this will change how you approach your work and personal life for the better. With this advantage, you’ll never leave the tailored life or your day job as Gordon’s underling.

Personally, when I want to rock a new shirt or suit my tailor shop is Ventresca Ltd. located just outside of Philadelphia. They are an incredibly professional store with full service tailoring featuring European trained tailors. From custom suits to cuff links and anything in between I’m always confident that I’ll walk away satisfied.

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