Spring Break Fashion
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Are you headed to a warm locale for spring break? My experience with these much-needed getaways is that the week before calls for a big shopping excursion. It’s time to get a new swimsuit, some sunnies, flip flops, a beach bag, and more. If you haven’t started shopping yet, or aren’t quite sure what to pack, here’s some fashion inspiration to Peacock your spring break 2012.

Swim Suit Style

If you’re spending time on the beach, then you’ll need a cute beach outfit. The suit below incorporates the pastel and retro trends, but if that’s not your style you can always go for bright neons or a bold floral print. When it comes to choosing a suit, complementing your body is key. Luckily, always-flattering ruching is in, and there are many body-conscious silhouettes available this spring (no more itsy bitsy tiny winy bikinis!). Get yourself a lightweight scarf to wear as a sarong, and don’t forget some aviator sunglasses to protect your eyes. Carry everything in a large beach bag — and you’re all set!

Swimsuit Style Items

At The Beach

Night On The Town

From a day on the beach, to a night on the town, your spring break style will need to transition from casual to dressy. You will definitely be the dancing queen if you go out in an outfit like this. I love the simplicity of the black top, clutch, and heels. Accessorizing with silver really helps to spice up the garb. Bring along a spring scarf to wrap around your shoulders if you get chilly — if you got any sun during the day, you’re more likely to feel chilled at night!

Evening Spring Break Outfit

On The Town

Sight Seeing

Where ever you go, there are going to be places to go and things to do. From theme parks to touristy miniature golf, wearing a tank and shorts is cute and functional. If you must wear sandals, make sure they have backs if walking will be involved. And do be sure to protect yourself from the sun! It’s easy to forget SPF if your day involves switching from inside to outside often, so lather up the sunscreen before you head out. Also bring along a water bottle to keep hydrated, and wear a straw hat, cat eye sunglasses, or both to protect your eyes. Keep everything in a large purse — the one below has the perfect amount of fashion and function for a day of sight seeing.

Spring Break Sightseeing Outfit

On The Move

Those are just a few, but perhaps the most essential, types of outfits you will need to peacock your spring break. Of course if you plan on flying to your destination, you will need something comfortable for the plane. Other situations you might need to pack for are: going to a formal event, having a date, meeting friends or family, etc.
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Stephanie is a senior in college about to take her final Spring Break trip. Rather than going with the fun in the sun, she has opted for a cabin in the mountains — perfect for some of her favorite activities: reading, writing, and hiking. She loves animals, being outdoors, and plays a mean game of Scrabble!