Instaprint: Polaroid Of The Future For Instagram
Mar 2012 07

A small Brooklyn company, or flock of hipsters, called Breakfast has come up with a concept that allows you to quickly print a photo from your Instagram App.

Similar to the Polaroid cameras that our parents had when we were kids – take the pic, it prints out, shake it, and voilà, you have a magical printed photo for keepsake. Simply put, this was Peacock even back in the day before things went digital, so Breakfast is not reinventing the wheel. They’re just making it easier and more affordable than using a Polaroid.

Old School Polaroid

Instaprint is GREEN and we always back things that are good for our lil’ planet. They use inkless technology so you don’t have to constantly replace ink cartridges.

They came up with this idea in the Spring of 2011 and in a couple of weeks they had a prototype. Can I get a “wooooo, super geeks!”  They have already tested this first version at the Grammy’s and a Lady Gaga concert. I thought a Gaga concert was a bad idea as a picture of her face can cause any machine to malfunction and explode.

Why it is so cool:

  1. It is connected to your iPhone or Macbook via Wi-Fi.  Yes, you can use a PC too – just never recommended!
  2. – This is where all of your galleries will be hosted and where you setup your Instaprint devices with hashtags and locations.
  3. Tech Specs – The Instaprint device is actually a lot smaller than I imagined. It is only 1.5 lbs and is 6.5 in by 6.5 with a few inches in depth. Also, it can hold up to 50 pages for photos at one time – so they believe. It is still in phase one and they need to get funding before this is all said and done.
  4. Par-ties – This will make any gathering you have better. It’s like a photobooth at a wedding. Everyone leaves with a little memento that will last a lifetime. We are definitely looking forward to Peacocking with the Instaprint when it arrives.

This company is asking everyone to donate to the cause. It is extremely expensive to build something like this and, well, they don’t have the funds! They believe they need 500K to get to a point where they can produce this and get it out to the public. Instead of a bank loan with interest, they are using Kickstarter which allows the people that want this to happen to make donations. Big or small, this is something that will be a lot of fun to have and we are on board.